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Maximum Flexibility for All Coaches

With MyPickleballLessons you always receive the payment per hour you wish to make. The rate you set is the amount you make. It is always your decision what students you want to work with, at the times best for you, and the most convenient locations. Our success is your success!

Reach Interested Pickleball Students in your Area

Are you looking to access an entirely new client base in your area for free? Then you have come to the right place. When your coach application is approved we create a unique coach profile page where prospective students in your area can book you as a coach.

You Coach and We Take Care of the Rest

The MyPickleballLessons team takes care of marketing, billing, and the vetting of inquiries. As a coach, it’s important to work with pickleball students who are serious about learning and improving. With MPL, students book packages of 6, 12, or 20, ensuring they are committed to lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, especially because pickleball certifications are so new. Qualifications however, are a great way to up your coaching skill and resume. Qualifications can be obtained through the USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association), the IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association), and PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry) among others.

When you fill out your application, keep in mind a lot of the info will be used to generate a unique profile that prospective clients in your area can review and book on. Our goal is to market, advertise, and book lessons on your behalf. We aim to create the most comprehensive online marketplace for pickleball coaches to help your business.

As a coach, MyPickleballLessons allows you to set your rate to whatever you believe is best for your business, and you will always make that amount. If you are new to coaching, it will be similar to a tennis coach in terms of hourly rate which can run anywhere between $35-$100/hr, depending on qualifications, experience, and location.

As an independent contractor payment is processed bi-weekly. Receive payment either via check, direct deposit, or PayPal.

There are many factors that can impact how many students you receive...

  • The area where you teach
  • The number of court locations you have in your area, listed on your profile, and your willingness to travel to clients
  • Your contract rate. The lower your rate, the more clients you can expect but ultimately it is your choice to decide how much you would like to make per hour. A higher rate with less students also works for many coaches
  • Every coach on MyPickleballLessons has their own unique dashboard where they can schedule and confirm all lessons with students you get through MPL. It is your responsibility to schedule and confirm all lessons. Any lessons confirmed over the two week pay period will be included on your payment. Please see the MPL Help Center if you have more specific questions concerning managing your clients.

    When you sign up with MPL you are always free to work with outside students or clubs because we recognize being an independent coach is your business. Students who originally sign up through MPL however, should always rebook and do lessons through our platform. Soliciting students acquired through MyPickleballLessons to work with you off our platform will result in the termination of your account.

    It is up to you to list court locations where you are able to teach lessons. If you are not sure you can teach a specific location, do not list it. The more locations you know and list, the greater reach you will have when prospective clients are searching for a coach on the zip code search. Some clients will have locations in mind when they sign up so you should always discuss location first thing to ensure you are able to work together.